Hey Everybody,

So I've been having this weird problem every so often, not every mixing session but enough times to be annoying. Basically I'll lose all control of Side B minus effects after about five minutes of mixing. I can't use the jog wheel and it doesn't respond when I touch it, the play/pause, cue buttons, etc don't respond, and neither does the filter or eq's! Its not my VCI-100 because the data send light goes on whenever I hit any of these buttons. Also it the jog wheels can operate fader effects mode when its engaged, but as soon as i flip the switch back everything goes caput. Its effecting everything except effects I believe. I can't figure out what the problem is, I'm not running it through my USB hub (which i thought was the original problem but plugging directly in did get rid of a lot of latency) If I restart Traktor everythings fine, which works for bedroom DJ-ing but if I ever want to do any party I don't want to have to stop the whole party because of a lame bug. Please DJTT whaaaaats wrong??

- DJ V1ckz

Another problem I've been having is with iTunes. Sometimes when I open Traktor it recognizes my iTunes library just fine, but it marks all the songs as corrupt. This is another random problem, it happens from time to time and usually goes away if I open/close traktor. I think this has to do with the fact I keep all my music on an external but it really shouldn't be a problem. I know this is a long p.s but weeird shit is going down.