my traktor pro and the vestex vci 100, mapping not working
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    Default my traktor pro and the vestex vci 100, mapping not working

    I installed the latest pro update, now when i use my vestax vci 100 and want to use the effects, just the a side buttons light up on traktor pro, not the b side or the right side,

    i have to use a mouse to turn them on, i did not have to before the update!!!!

    how do i change my midi mapping for this?

    i want to learn how to change my midi to my style i tried and failed, its another language for me,
    i have read some of the traktor bible also, in it it states that you can make the sync button stay on, like in traktor 3, my pro did do this automaticly until the friggin update,

    so now when i cue a song and play it i have to push the sync button, this never happeded untill the new update, it's sucks now, in traktor bible it says you can make your mapping like traktor 3 and keep it always on ,

    can anyone explain to me how i do this and go about it,

    i want to keep my sync buttons on, some tracks i have to add right away, so now in pro, i have to push play , push the sync, then add my mix in with the fader, with traktor 3 it just synced and played automaticly, sweeet, and now it sucks with pro...

    i need the synce to be on but i only have 2 friggin hands and it wont allow me, until i figure out how,
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    same thing has happened with me! not all of the lights light up when pressed as wel

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    same problem on my vci-100, any bros know what's going on

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