Firmware Installation Successful - VCI won't load bootloader
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    Default Firmware Installation Successful - VCI won't load bootloader

    So, I've successfully upgraded the firmware on my VCI-100 to 1.3 (by checking the toggling snap button), which is good news.

    Here is the verbose log from FDT:

    Flash Development Toolkit and flash programming components
    are provided without support

    OS: Windows XP [Admin]
    FDT API initialised: version 4, 02, 00, 008
    Clock Frequency (External) = 24.0000MHz, Clock Mode = 0, CKM = 1, and CKP = N/A
    Connecting to device 'H8/3052F' on 'COM7'
    'BOOT Mode' connection - using emulated interface
    Opening port 'COM7' ...
    Loading Comms DLL
    Loaded Comms DLL
    Initiating BOOT SCI sequence
    Attempting 9600
    Received immediate response from device: 0xAA
    Using micro-Kernel : 'C:\Program Files\Renesas\FDT4.02\kernels\ProtB\3052\Renesas\1 _2_00\uGen3052.cde'
    Downloading and verifying micro kernel...
    Device is erasing...
    Erase Timeout value set to 21 seconds
    Erase Successful
    micro-Kernel download successful
    Sending inquiry for getting line size
    Buffer size has been set to default (128 bytes)
    Sending selection of device command
    Selection of Device - Device selected, code 0302
    Sending selection of clock mode
    Sending selection of clock mode
    Selection of Clock Mode - Clock selected, code 0
    Changing baud rate to 38400 bps
    Set baud rate value = 38400
    Downloading main kernel 'C:\Program Files\Renesas\FDT4.02\kernels\ProtB\3052\Renesas\1 _2_00\Genm3052.cde'
    Main kernel download complete...
    Connection complete
    Processing file :"C:\Documents and Settings\Chris\Desktop\vci-100se_13_firmware\VCI-100SE_1.3_Firmware.mot"
    Operation on User Flash
    Downloaded the operation module
    Writing image to device... [0x00000000 - 0x000000FF]
    Writing image to device... [0x00000200 - 0x0000647F]
    Writing image to device... [0x00008000 - 0x0000807F]
    Writing image to device... [0x00009000 - 0x0000907F]
    Writing image to device... [0x00009080 - 0x0000917F]
    Writing image to device... [0x00009180 - 0x00009AFF]
    Data programmed at the following positions:
    0x00000000 - 0x000000FF Length : 0x00000100
    0x00000200 - 0x0000647F Length : 0x00006280
    0x00008000 - 0x0000807F Length : 0x00000080
    0x00009000 - 0x0000907F Length : 0x00000080
    0x00009080 - 0x0000917F Length : 0x00000100
    0x00009180 - 0x00009AFF Length : 0x00000980
    27.75 K programmed in 34 seconds
    Image successfully written to device

    But I've got a new problem now, the bootloader which loads the drivers in Windows now doesn't work, so the device isn't present in my system anymore when I power it on (meaning windows doesn't recognize it).

    Has anyone seen this before?


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    False alarm, turns out I had Logitech SetPoint driver / application running on the machine. Removed them and now everything is working properly.

    REMEMBER FOLKS: LOGITECH SET POINT or QUICK CAM drivers / applications will mess up with the Vestax Internal Bootloaders.


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