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    Hey guys

    For the few of you that use this thing I'm getting involved witth it now, gonna need lots of help.

    So, I'm working on basic preset changes right now. I want to be able to jump between multiple presets easily. For example, I want to program 7 keys to control all four decks of Traktor with four presets (either through octave changes or channel changes, I haven't decided, but that's not important).

    I wanted to know how to use Rules to deactivate 3 of the four presets (and only those three presets) with just one MIDI message translator. Or, do I need to use to have an individual translator with the incoming message "Activate Preset" and then three different "Deactivate Preset"s for the other presets.

    Does this make sense? If not, that's cool, I kinda half know what I'm talking about. :-)

    Hope all is well
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    You cant just use 1 translation to close 3 presets - you have to create a translator for each preset that you want to close. I actually have done a feature request to bomes about closing / opening multiple presets i with one translator.

    Creating 3 incomming triggers as preset activated and preset deactivating the other 3 presets will work just fine

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