Hi guys, Have already tried posting and am new to using a forum so i dont know if they worked or not. It said something about them being moderated , how long does this moderating take?

Anyhoo, my question is this. In the video it says to us a usb to serial cable which i presume means one end goes to the firmware chip once placed on the vci-100 and the other end goes to pc? In the video he skips this connection all together and shows you him connecting the norma vci-100 connector.

I am also assuming that this is required on top of the serial cable ie. 2 usb plugs into pc.......is this correct??

Also whats the difference between vci-100 and vci-100SE ? Because the tsi file download link says vci-100 but the file i get from download is vci-100se. Is that ok?

Ok thanks in advance guys