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    just joined DMS after reading this thread mostly because I like the way their website layout looks and is designed. ill try it out for this month then see how I feel

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    Yooo there's this really great new record pool i've been using called the mix tools - great pool at a very reasonable rate for what they offer
    Here's a link to check out their blog -- http://www.themixtools.blogspot.com
    Here's a link to DL a sampler pack of their edits -- http://www.mediafire.com/?vmh1cpybh11be90 the pool has a fantastic selection of ReDrums, DJ Friendly intros/outros, Quick Hitters,
    Acapella intros/outros, Transition/Segue edits and more for all genres and eras of music. Furthermore unlike many record pools all their edits are
    QUANTIZED - meaning the song STAYS at 1 speed, or BPM - which is especially important when mixing music from the 80s and beforehand before a lot of the music was quantized (especially important if you use Traktor, for the beatgridding) or for music with live drummers
    (Rock, Soul, Motown, Oldies, etc)
    check it out- you WON'T be disappointed. The special DJ Edits from TheMixtools help me stay ahead of my competition.

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    Liking the look of TheMixTools... I've had a few different DJ pools. I liked ZipDJ, but I look for something with a versatility of tracks rather then centered on just two genres like Zip really is.... I was also with Franchise, which I found the same problem honestly. I felt I needed to be part of several in order to keep up with my style (I spin a little of everything). MixTools looks really promising to me though with such a variety of genres made for DJs, especially with the older stuff being quantized! You know... Gonna sign up for that one now and give it a try... Got a mix to do this weekend and need some new stuff! let you all know how I like it compared to the rest next week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seitz View Post
    There's always one ...

    Try http://www.promoonly.com/

    Very good.
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    Digiwaxx and franchise are good.

    What sucks is that a lot of these places raise my BS flag (DMS) and you still might end up hunting through a bunch of crap tracks to find good ones. (Videotools is bad about this) Promo Only is great about putting out only good tracks, but it's pretty expensive when you're not playing out 3 times a week, you know?

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    Hey guys, just wanted to jump in here and address the point Tretuna made.

    @Tretuna, zipDJ actually focuses much more than 1 genre. We quite easily have one of the widest selections of music on the web-

    In any case, we always recommend DJ's come in and take our free 1 week tour of the site to see everything for themselves...The majority of DJ's love what we have, so take it upon yourself to see for yourself, risk free.

    zipDJ has some specials running in November as well, so now is good timing.

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    Default Which Dj music pool is the best?

    Quote Originally Posted by drevnir View Post
    Hey guys,

    I want to sign up for the DJ music pools, to get new releases etc, quickly and with full proof that the music is legal. I'm looking for the one that has great hip hop/r&b collection, as well as good house/electro releases. I found few ones' that i think are pretty good. They are:
    - djcity.com,
    - zipdj.com,
    - digitaldjpool.com,
    - exclusivegrooves.com,
    - franchiserecordpool.com,
    - starfleetmusic.com.
    So my question is the following: in your opinion which one would u consider the best, or one of the best? Maybe you tried few of this, and think one definitely stands out out of all of them?
    The help would be greatly appreciated !

    Thx for your time
    Of all the DJ pools I've tried, ONLY zipDJ delivered the BEST services I am looking for in terms of #1 music, #2 reasonable fees and #3 user friendly music interface. I a very much pleased with zipDJ because it's worth every penny! This is why I am really happy to recommend it.

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