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    Hello Everyone.

    I have a silver VCI-100 that I am modding out to the max. I have the SE overlays and arcade buttons being put on soon.

    I will be using Traktor Pro with an iphone as a second midi controller.

    What I need:
    A "super" TSI file that will combine many (if not all) of the controllerism mod concepts ean has posted. I think you get the idea, right?

    Will I have to request all the TSI files I want and tear them apart and cut and paste? I have no idea how to work with the TSI files so a little help would be much appreciated.

    Does a TSI file exist that encompasses all these features?

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    There are some threads that have more advanced mappings in the Controller Mapping thread, but I think it might be best if you develop your own workflow. EVERY aspect of controllerism that Ean has discussed is a lot for the VCI-100, and will require really detailed modifier work, but I think it's do-able with some outside controller (like the iphone)(
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