Help with using Traktor mix techniques for Drum and Bass
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    Default Help with using Traktor mix techniques for Drum and Bass


    I'm now trying out some new stuff beyond the mix in/let play/mix out and slamming track a out of track b (if those make any sense at all) and I've run into some problems.. I tried Ean's 5 techniques video out ( link) and I'm having quite a bit of difficulty getting the loop roll mix to sound right. admittedly I play liquid and atmospheric styles of drum and bass so there just might not be the right sounds for the mix to work in the songs I am using, but I'd sure like to see it done "right" in a mix or possibly a video where someone could show the technique in traktor but using drum and bass tracks. If anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it


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    Try setting your BPMs to /2 (like 80-90 instead of 160-180) and see if that helps get you sorted; I find the quantized effects sound much better when traktor thinks the speed is halftime.

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    Sometimes what I'll do is get a loop going of a faster song (like 130-135) and increase the speed of it to 160 as I fade in to a drum n bass track. Really builds the energy up.

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