Presonus Firebox - Hooking Up to External Mixer
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    Default Presonus Firebox - Hooking Up to External Mixer

    I just purchased the Presonus Firebox and am using it with a Macbook Pro. I have it hooked up to an external mixer with the following setup:

    Firebox Channel 3/4 --> Channel 1 on Mixer
    Firebox Channel 5/6 --> Channel 2 on Mixer

    I couldn't use the Firebox's main channel (1/2) because the volume was not the same level as channels 3/4 or 5/6. I've tried to use the software to balance the volume levels on all the outputs, but there isn't a function to individually adjust the volume levels on each channel.

    Any idea how you could do that? Or is channel 1/2 the only channel you can change the volume on?

    Great sound card by the way. Really small and compact. But best yet, this sucker is LOUD. Sound quality is great. Its got a nice warm feel to it. And its always nice to know that you've got plenty of gain so it works well no matter what you hook it up to.

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    what's wrong with using the gain knob on your mixer?

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    Theres a volume knob on the front of the unit that sets the volume for the main output, try adjust that.

    The gain it has is great, Ean actually complained that is has TOO much gain ! - the way to get around this "too much gain" issue is to just turn down the volume in the Presonus FireBox Mixing software for outputs.

    Its designed as a studio peice of equipment where the gains on

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