Best monitor screen solution?
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    Default Best monitor screen solution?

    Basically, I have a custom PC hooked up to a 24" LG HD monitor. It's connected to the VGA port on it. I have a PlayStation 3 hooked up to the DVI-D port on the monitor. There is no HDMI on the monitor.

    However, my laptop has a VGA output.

    Is it possible to buy some kind of switcher? I'd like a box with a DVI-D output to the DVI-D output on the monitor.

    Then to be able to plug my my PC, PS3 and laptop into the box and able to switch between them.

    Just to save the hassle of switching cables whenever I practice on my laptop in my home studio/chillout room mainly!

    Any solutions out there?
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    These are called KVM switches. Often you can also use them to attach one keyboard and mouse to multiple PCs as well.
    These start as low as 10$ usually.

    That's how it could look: the new DJ community

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