tpro not cueing to load marker
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    Default tpro not cueing to load marker

    i have a question about starting a track from a previously set load marker with my vci100se. im currently using djtt's tsi 1.5. when i load a track and click the play button with my mouse, it plays from the designated load marker cue point as desired. but when i push the play button on my vci, it starts playback from the little blue triangle at the bottom of the wave display and not from the load marker. in order to get it to play from the load marker with my vci, i have to first cue it either with my mouse or with a cue button on the vci to move the triangle to the load marker. how can i load a track and then simply push play on my vci and have the track start from the load marker?

    thanks for your help!
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    The reason why it does not jump straight to the load marker is because of the workaround "CUP" midi setting that is being used to have a track start playing when you press the Cup button down.

    You see the genuises at NI decided to change the way the "CUP" button worked in T3 (push down to play a song) to TPro (push down, then release up to play a song) and for most people this does not work for them.

    So to get around this problem, a workaround was created, see this thread for more info:

    The downside of the workaound is you have to push the "CUE" button after loading a song to have it start at the load marker.

    If this is a problem you can always change your play button midi settings back to NI's default.

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    Yeah dude it sucks, it works great for vinyl djs since they manually cue their songs. For the digital dj its bad. On my VCI-100 I hit cue and then play.
    Thank Ya!!!

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