VCI-300 Itch and Live together..kinda ... (kinda cool)
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    Default VCI-300 Itch and Live together..kinda ... (kinda cool)

    Just for those who have VCI-300's and Macs (maybe works on PC too)...,
    I just tried using Itch & Ableton Live so one can use the audio out in Live with VCI-300 audio card and dj with Live and use Itch too..It is kind of cool.
    I am using OSX Spaces and putting Itch on one Space and Live in another and
    using another midi controller to control Live..Audio from Live lays on top of the audio of Itch..

    One can cue Live's audio by using Cue from the VCI-300 ..
    kinda fun..hope soon they can get the two programs really together
    and audio from Itch into Live.

    I guess this could work as well with Running Traktor and Itch together too as 3/4 decks and ...
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