hello~ i have a question about firmware 1.3 vs 1.4.
i recently purchased a red VCi-100 with firmware 1.3 installed, and i am really excited! although i am a very beginner, i am looking forward to learn how to mix/scratch through practices.
my questions are:

1. is new mapping of firmware 1.3 compatible with traktor le? i did some research and it says it doesn't, and i should get traktor 3.3 or 3.4. is this true? what about firmware 1.4? should i go get traktor pro? which traktor program do you find best?

2. i am about to purchase the VCi-100 overlay from djtechtool store. i think it will look good with my red jog wheels, but not with the silver knobs. i've been waiting for the store to re-stocked them, but it's been like a week, and it has not been restocked. is there any way for me to get different color knobs (preferably black) other than the djtechtool store?

3. is VCi-100 overlay available on the djtechtool store compatible with firmware 1.3 or is it only compatible with the latest firmware 1.4?

4. is there a tutorial site that you used on how to mix/scratch when you were just a beginner?

thank you very much for your time, and have a nice day~