TrakProDJ - iPad/iPhone Controller for Traktor
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    Default TrakProDJ - iPad/iPhone Controller for Traktor

    TrakProDJ is a pioneering touch control surface for Traktor Djs.
    Featuring Ultra Low Latency, the application connects to Traktor via wifi and Coremidi Networking technology, with speeds of around 1-3ms.

    TrakProDJ is the most complete Midi DJ Control system available yet for iOS devices and boasts a hyper responsive, well designed user interface. Mixing on TrakProDJ is a absolute joy, as the touch surface and application forge a unique connection between the DJ and the Traktor software.

    Featuring >>

    High Resolution Jogwheels
    Full Mixer Controls including crossfader.
    Full EQ, including kill switches.
    Full pitch control.
    2 Decks (upgrading to 4 decks in v1.1)
    Seek position.
    Full FX Control, with kill switches and rotary knobs.
    Monitor Control.
    Play, Cue, CUP, and Sync.
    8 assignable hotkeys for any extra services you wish to apply.

    TrakProDJ is compatible with MACOSX, and Windows, visit our website for instructions and downloads.

    You will need to install the TrakProDj.tsi file for midi mappings, visit our website for this.

    All in all, one mighty fine package, to unhinge the power of Traktor into your iOS device.

    Coming in Version 1.1.

    4 Decks
    Browse controller for finding your tracks.
    and other features yet to be announced.

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    I'm guessing you're the developer, and I have a suggestion. It would be very nice if the led ring in the jogwheels works like those in Pioneer gear. Another great thing would be a page with just pads and knobs for customization, since a lot of people on these forums love cue juggling etc.

    Also, for a demo video try mixing club house, since the psychedelic stuff in this video doesn't really catch on with main stream people who might stop watching it because of the music.
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    It catched me
    I guess I'm not on the mainstream, and I'm glad for it

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    Not a bad looking little app you've got there.

    I wouldn't use this for anything serious, but I could see getting into situations travelling or at a party or something that it could be fun to mix if I've got my iPad and laptop on me.
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    Not bad
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    Thing is useless right now. crossfader is mapped to the mixer in deck A, FX2 does not work. Very buggy, save your money until a rev. comes out.

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    I'll buy right away if you port it to Android (assuming you are the dev)

    Seems neet for casual stuff, or as an extra controller if the layout is customizable.

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    I just purchased this app and cannot figure out the instructions listed on the support page.

    3. Open "Audio MIDI Setup".

    OK, opened that on the Mac (you should clarify this).

    4. Open Midi Studio Window

    Pardon, where is this Window?

    5. Select the Network button.

    Cannot find the Network button because the above instructions are not clear.

    Could you please fix the instructions with a bit more detail. I am an IT guy by day and if I am having trouble with this then surely others are? Or maybe I am just dumb <shrugs>.

    Also you have a typo on line #8 which makes me think that you all spent very little time proof-reading and making sure these instructions are clear.

    EDIT: I am dumb but the instructions are still a bit lacking. Click the Window drop down menu to reveal the Midi Studio (learn something new every day).

    But still after doing these instructions it did not work correctly because the iPad is not obtaining an IP address from the ad-hoc network correctly.

    EDIT: setting ipad to / and the mac to fixed.

    This app works as advertised once your past the setup hurdle. In most cases it will 'just work' on your home network but I wanted to make sure it worked via ad-hoc so I can use this while traveling.
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    I'm also having the same problem to config on my mac!

    I can't find in my computer the Open "Audio MIDI Setup". and other stuffs

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    Hi i Have purchased TrakProDJ and i have gone to the Developers Website to download the tsi file required but every time i download it the file is corrupted i have contacted the Developer but its been a month now and no reply even after Multiple Messages to their facebook page, twitter account and email.

    if someone has it can you please email this to me

    Thanks in advance

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