I'm looking to spend about 1600 on some new controller(s)
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    Default I'm looking to spend about 1600 on some new controller(s)

    so tell me what you would get...just to give you all an idea of what I'd like, I've been looking at some combination of

    Denon DNMC6000

    Traktor Kontrol S4

    Allen and Heath Xone 92 (though I don't know if this one will be mappable to traktor)

    also looking at a midifighter and or a maschine (because I'd like to be able to make my own drum breaks and samples)

    These aren't hard and fast just some ideas....please give me some other input as to what you know, thanks
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    Get the Mixer and add an X1. Or an S4 from DJTT
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    xone 4d>traktor s4

    or get a good mixer and 2 x1's

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    The 92 will not be mappable to traktor, its an analogue mixer, a very fucking good mixer at that.

    a xone 4d is an analogue mixer with midi capabilities, its also plug in and play with traktor, but isnt very portable, same with the denon and the S4, although each, are very fucking good controllers.

    Are you just going to be a home DJ or are you looking at getting gigs?
    if just a home DJ then al of the above is fine, although i reccomend the xone 4d 10x over the 92.

    If your looking to be portable (you also expressed your intrest in maschine) heres someone i look upto as a fucking god,

    Thats a xone 92 (if your gona be portable the club normally supplies a mixer (have you looked at the 42? its also a good 4ch mixer just at half the pricetag)), maschine and two x1's. This gives him 4 deck control + live beats and also is insanely portable, you could fit all of that into the traktor udg bag easilly ($80) and thats you got a fully portable setup.

    But again, if your wanting something like what youve suggested, id go with the S4, not too portable, but a damn good piece of kit
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    The Xone stuff is great! However if you want to be portable, look at what the clubs in your area are using and just get that sort of mixer. Lame idea i know, but its good to get familiar with the gear you would have to plug into and use if you did some club gigs etc. IMO, You cant go wrong with the X1's and an external mixer.
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