Firmware Switch? Quick Question
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    Exclamation Firmware Switch? Quick Question

    Hey guys,

    So I looked in the forums for the method to switch the firmware and I saw the video of ean explaining the firmware switch (at the time it was fw1.3 back to fw1.2) and I tried it but it did not work (or didn't give any indication of it working). So when I try mapping it on Ableton, the midi messages are being received and I see the tiny yellow blinking square in the top corner and even the "Data" Led on my VCI blinks but it just won't map the crossfader. Could someone help me figure it out please? I'm trying to map my vci to ableton (while I research a good controller for ableton live to DJ with).

    Thank you in advance for the help!


    P.s. I'm running FW 1.4 on a Macbook Pro 15 inch "Penryn" (Early 2008) and Ableton Live 8.

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    I can't answer the ableton part, but when I flashed my VCI to 1.4 I tested the firmware switch and it still worked.

    This test should still work.

    That said I think you would get the help you're actually looking for if I changed the title to 'Mapping VCI crossfader in Ableton' since that seems to be what you want to do.
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