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    Hello Friends,

    A couple of months ago I posted a thread asking for advice on kicking off mix trains. What I was looking to do was to reconnect with old friends back in the UK and also let them bring in some of their friends to put together some mixes. Anyway, we have managed to finish a few and I thought I would share them here.

    We are using facebook rather than a forum like this to manage the trains and allow people to connect. The finished mixes and whatever else we feel like talking about is hosted at


    001 Drum & Bass
    002 Chill Out Express
    004 - Tribal Express
    005 - Experimental
    006 Dubstep
    007 - Techno
    008 Progressive Express
    009 Covert Drum & Bass Handcar
    011 Breaks
    012 - 2 Hour Tech House
    020 - Liquid Drum & Bass


    003 - Freestyle
    013 - Back2Back (Summer's Coming)
    014 - Back2Back (Secret Weapons)
    015 - Brown Bag Tag
    016 - The Biploar Splice
    017 - 21 Anthems
    018 - Harder/Darker Than The Last
    019 - Innate's Cinematic

    If anyone wants to come and play they would be more than welcome! PM me for more information.


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