Help with buying DJ Gear
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    Default Help with buying DJ Gear

    Hi all, I'm kinda new to this forum & to the djing stuff.

    Now I'm at a point where I wanna buy some gear to start going to places and dj (clubs / bars / whoever will accept me).
    my questions are:
    1. Do places usually give the DJ the tools he need? or he needs to bring his own?
    2. If my guess is right, than I should buy some stuff, here's what I thought of:

    a. a laptop (not a mac book - is it OK for the purpose?)
    b. a controller, not that important for the start, I thought about NI Kontroller S4 because im using traktor.
    c. DJ Headphones
    d. some sort of external audio card for external output & monitor output.

    Also if you got a good book / video tutorial about DJing please recommend
    I need some opinions because I have no idea if my choices are right. thanks!

    & I made 2 mixes so far:
    1) Dubstep mix -
    2) Electro house mix -
    both start light & get heavy.. tell me what you think.
    have a good weekend

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    A: Regardless of what a lot of people will respond with, you do not need a macbook to DJ. A PC laptop will be fine. Do searches on the forums for advice.

    B: The s4 is a fine controller, and has a built in interface so you will not need an external audio interface.

    C: Yes you need headphones. There are tons of threads here about headphones. Do a search

    Some places have equipment, some don't. NEVER rely on a venue to provide cables. Bring everything you need to make your system connect to theirs (audio cables and connectors) and you should be okay
    It's the FAQ. Read it.

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    If I were you I wouldnt buy an S4 right away if you don't know whether you're going to really get into mixing. It's really expensive, unless you're rich of course..and in that case get me one too lol.

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    maybe start with suthing like a numark mixtrack pro, the layout is nice and simple, and its good value for money.. Then when u really into it u can buy the s4
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    Quote Originally Posted by glitch View Post
    maybe start with suthing like a numark mixtrack pro, the layout is nice and simple, and its good value for money.. Then when u really into it u can buy the s4
    this ^

    Splashing out a stack of cash and then realising you don't enjoy it/are shit at it would be depressing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrlock Ohms
    don't enjoy it/are shit at it
    Which one is worse???

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    some good tips there,
    id suggest maybe posting what gear you already have, laptop specs etc
    and the budget you have to spend on new gear,
    so people can help you decide in what you may or may not need...

    ps. the s4 is a good bit of kit, but as stated, you may not need it, but if are running an older version of traktor but want TP2 and need a sound card and controller anyways, you may be better off just buying the s4 right away, because it may safe you money in the long run.
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    Default wow thanks all

    thx all
    I dont have a laptop / any gear.
    I got a pc @ home with roland pcr-500 midi keyboard (for production), I use the knobs / faders for now with traktor

    yes I wanna use traktor pro 2,
    So for my understanding i need a laptop, controller, sound card , dj software (duh) & headphones.

    I saved some money for this. I got about 1600 / 2400$ / 1400, maybe I cant get some more.
    so the S4 is with sound card & software, but other devices are only controllers, right?

    I can sell the equipment if I wont use it I guess, & I need a laptop anyway.
    what do you think?

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