question about vci-100 knobs + faders..
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    Default question about vci-100 knobs + faders..

    i have been after the vci-100 black/white knobs + faders for a long time.
    yesterday, i came across this:
    and was wondering if this knob will fit my vci-100.
    it looks very similar, if not the same, as the ones that are being sold (or been sold out for sometime1) in djtt store, but not sure if they are the exact same ones. will these knobs fit on vci-100?
    it would be much better to buy them as a set like they do in djtt store, but since this is not an option at the moment, i am thinking about purchasing the knobs there. thank you very much for your time, and good luck~

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    These look like the original knobs that come on the black VCI-100.
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