Apple's "Time Machine"
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    Default Apple's "Time Machine"

    Here's the story.....

    At the weekend my MacBook pro fell off a bed on to a hard laminate floor. This resulted in a lappy that refused to start up. I checked it on another apple lappy (starting up my MBP in "target" mode), & the other machine couldn't see the drive over firewire either.

    Luckily, I regularly back up to an external drive using Time Machine. So I popped down to my local apple reseller, brought a new drive, & restored from my time machine backup.

    Total time to install the new HD & pull everything back from my time machine backup. ....about 4 hours!!

    What impressed me the most is that you don't even have to re-install OS X on the new drive first. Just make sure it's formatted using disk utility on the OSX install DVD, then select the time machine app from the utilities menu & follow the instructions.

    So if you're an apple user & you don't use time machine (or Carbon copy cloner or something similar), then now is the time to start.'ll be glad you did if you ever need it.


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    Preaching to the choir brother.
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    agreed. My dad had his macbook nicked from a hotel room a couple of years ago but he had a time machine backup at home, bought a new one with the insurance money and when he'd restored it it was like using the same computer (except the new one was a different colour

    I used mine to switch over to my SSD and again, it worked flawlessly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xonetacular View Post
    Ya I've heard one song. It's called Skrillex.
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    Just don't rely on time machine to backup your iphoto library. Time machine is great but when it fails it does so spectacularly.
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