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    Hi all -

    I've been working on some video software and the result is Grid Video.

    This is software that allows the user to assign a video to each grid-square in Ableton Live, and the video is triggered automatically as the audio is fired.

    The application is designed with DJs in mind for easy visuals which stay tempo synced, and have nice effects to play with.

    Also, rather than being MIDI triggered the videos are triggered by events in Ableton, so no worrying about hardware controller handshakes.

    The patch is at

    with release notes, and a tutorial video is on youtube at

    I'd love some feedback, as I think this is a really promising device for DJs and bands using Ableton.



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    Nice, will give this a go after my exams in a couple of weeks
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    WOW we could use this in my group. sync traktor and ableton and BAM

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