i would always use this master tempo "effect" in TP when changing between huge tempo differences. i would "loop" the ending track with either a beatmasher/slicer/delay freeze then press master on the incoming track and the effect loop would change tempo/key gradually over a period of 2-3 seconds until it his the new master tempo of the track i just loaded.

NOW if i try this on T2 the effect loop just jumps to the new master tempo without a build-up or build-down, changing in an instant. it sounds really sloppy! i tried messing around with the key settings and master settings but with no luck.

i couldn't find anything in the forums about this, Please help! i really need this in my sets

can someone please tell me theres just a setting i need to change or something
heres of an example of me doing it at the 40-50 seconds into the video, T2 does not do this!! it just jumps straight to it....
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