Calling all Washington DC area Controllerist and DJs!
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    Default Calling all Washington DC area Controllerist and DJs!

    I am thinking about setting up a salon/meet-up for controllerist and Djs in the DC metro area, and I was to gauge interest. I have a few metro-accessible locations in downtown DC where we can meet, and I can coordinate sound setups for presentations.

    Essentially, I want to put together a no-ego, community building, supportive space for DJs, producers, and controllerists of all skill levels to meet, discuss, and trade tips and secrets to become better performers. I miss the sense of community that used to center around the record stores, and frankly, I want to learn some new ideas and tricks from my fellow jocks.

    Respond back here, and I will coordinate with any interested folks. Cheers!

    Brian "DJ Senyo" Akpa

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    I'd be all about it.
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