vci-100 compatible knobs
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    Default vci-100 compatible knobs

    Hi all!
    Can anybody tell me what knobs type compatible with VCI-100? I want buy it's on ebay. For example some from this store:
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    hey do you like the buttons on the vci or is it worth it to get the arcade buttons

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    Just so you know, the search function is very useful. I found 3 threads that ask this same question.

    There's no real measurement of the VCI Knobs, but a lot of knobs work for them. You seem to not really care what kind of knob you get, being that there's a huge amount of different types of knobs there, so order whichever one you want and if they doesn't work, send them back. You could also contact DJTT about the size of the knobs you need for them, or even contact Vestax.
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