need advice on how to get gigs please!
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    Default need advice on how to get gigs please!

    I've been mixing for a bit now (cant wait to get my keyboard to start producing!) and would love to spin somewhere/anywhere. Does anyone know how I would go about in looking for a possible gig in the Chicago area?


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    There's plenty of articles on it here and at

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    When I first started out, I booked halls and other venues, sold tickits and made my own parties. That way people will be like, "HEY, you DJ? ". and the word spreads.

    It can be risky with the probability of stuff getting beat up, but hey it gets your foot in the door. Jumping straight to a club is not a good idea in my opinion. Do house parties or any sort of event to get your feet wet first....unless you feel 100 percent confiident. But reading a crowd comes with experience, practise at home can never prepare you for that aspect.
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