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    I know the direction im heading in will eventually lead to production. At the moment I am in no rush but I want to start making inroads.

    I guess my biggest hurdle is that I dont play any musical instruments. I was thinking maybe on getting a cheap keyboard and leaning some basic music theory and some chords to play. Is this something you producers out there feel would be handy, if so, what entry level keyboard would you recommend.

    Secondly, Ive read enough here to realise that when it comes to a DAW everyone has a personal preference. Im leaning towards ableton.

    Lastly, is there any books, or producing tutorial programs anyone would recommend.
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    I'd say go for a synthesizer with between 49 and 61 keys. 61 would be better, but I know that certain synths (ex. M-Audio Venom) only come in 49 key models. Most synths can be used to control a DAW, so that saves you a MIDI Keyboard. I always say this, but investing earlier means that you will most likely end up paying less in the long run. If you pay the extra to get a full package earlier, you won't have to worry about having for example, a MIDI Keyboard and no Synthesizer. I see that you're in Bali, so I won't recommend the Guitar Center, being that they're probably not there yet, but go to your local music shop and see what you can play around with. If you can't find what you want at your music shop, look online, make sure to check reviews, maybe post some questions on blogs like DJTT to confirm your choice.

    Music Theory Books are a good buy. If you can get a Piano Teacher, it's probably a good call at first to help you get the basics and make sure your form/posture is correct. Basic music books are a good call as well. I'd also recommend that you pick up "This Is Your Brain on Music." It's a good read for every producer, and it really focuses on the mind's reaction to music. I've read it three times and every time it means something new to me. Every time I've read it, I fit it into my schedule as an overscheduled 17 year old boarding school student, and every time I love it.

    In terms of DAWs, Ableton is the most versatile, but comes with the least up front. Upgrading to Ableton Suite is your best bet if you go that route. I'd also recommend getting acquainted with some of the more popular sound engines, NI's Massive is very Popular and there are a large amount of VSTs that can do wonders to your workflow. I have Pro Tools alongside Ableton, but I really haven't touched Pro Tools. It's a great engine, but when you pick your DAW of choice, stick with that one only. You don't want to mistake your keyboard shortcuts and delete your whole project. (I've done that.)

    I hope this was helpful, and good luck on your chosen path, wherever it takes you!
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    Another good book
    [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Music-Theory-Computer-Musicians-ebook/dp/B002ZVISPG"]Amazon.com: Music Theory for Computer Musicians, 1st Edition eBook: Michael Hewitt: Kindle Store@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51QxuMrrrqL.@@AMEPARAM@@51QxuMrrrqL[/ame]
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