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    Default Traktor Pro to Traktor Scratch Pro

    Hi People,

    I would like to give DVS a shot and was thinking about getting Traktor scratch Version 1 or 2.

    What would be the cheapest way of going about it? I already own T Pro (Not the scratch version) but dont want to spend big!

    If I upgraded to Traktor Pro 2, could I then upgrade again to Traktor Scratch 2 and use it with a second hand audio 4???????

    Any ideas would be great?


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    you can check out the prices on the NI Site

    see witch works out cheapest for you
    then you can buy the hardware (Audio 4/8 or 6/10 2nd hand)

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    There is not an upgrade path from pro to scratch pro anymore. You have to buy scratch pro and sell pro to recoup the cost. This has been covered on the forum before as well.

    If you want to use an audio4/6, you could get a copy of duo/duo2 and then do the upgrade to scratch which is a little bit less expensive than going with the audio 10. You can get TSP2 with the audio 10 for 600 bucks on amazon though, and it's hard to get it much cheaper unless you get TSP1 or TSD and then upgrade to TSP2.

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