Thinking about purchasing an X1- S4 mapping question?
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    Default Thinking about purchasing an X1- S4 mapping question.

    I currently have a Kontrol S4, and 2 LPD8s mapped like midi fighters (Instant gratification) on the pads and using the knobs for various super knobs of my own creation and some dry/wet controls just for ease of fine tuning effects. It's basically a beatmashing and effects machine I'm extremely happy with and will post the mapping for when I'm finished. However, here's my question-

    I really dislike how the S4 handles 4 FX bank mode- I can control FX1 when in Deck A, FX 3 when in Deck C, and likewise for 2 and 4 on B and D.

    Now, I've been thinking about picking up the X1, and using the midi mode as a dedicated effects controller for banks 3 and 4. Is there any way I can lock the S4's effects knobs to control banks 1 and 2, even when I switch over to deck C and D?

    Using a custom S4 map, I'm capable of simply putting in 'opposite' mappings which block the on/off buttons for effects 3 and 4 when I'm in Deck C and D respectively, then map it to control FX 1 and 2 instead. However, I have no ideas on how do do the same for the knob levels.
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    self bumping once. I guess the simpler description is that I want a way to map the S4 so the controller acts like it's in 2 banks mode even when I enable 4 banks, since I'll have an external controller to control the other two.

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