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    Default Question About Potential Set-Up

    As of right now, i'm using a Numark Mixdeck as a midi controller w/traktor. What I'm wanting to do is this.

    Since I'm kind of tight for money, and don't want to spend a shit-ton on a CDJ+DJM combo, I thought this up in my head.

    I want to run something Skrillex-esque. Although I hate his music and him as a DJ, i kind of like the One CDJ, Mixer and Trigger Finger set up.

    My question is, would it be possible for me to run One CD Player something like this (, a mixer, and a trigger finger mapped to Traktor, and have one CD player run two decks? But have it mapped somehow for me to switch from Deck A to Deck B (on the single cd player)? Say I'm looped 4 bars on one deck in traktor, lets call it deck a, would i be able to press a button to change the CD player I'm using to control deck B, but keep that playing?

    What would I need to do this, audio interface wise?

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    you need an interface that supports timecode... not sure about the switching the cdj.

    could get a dnsc2000 which is a midi controller that looks like a cdj, and map that to switch between decks using a modifier. also then wouldn't need as an expensive audio interface

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