Anyone listen to Feed Me's "To the Stars" EP?
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    Default Anyone listen to Feed Me's "To the Stars" EP?

    I just bought it off Beatport and I think its not as good as his first album. In his Big Adventure album, Silicone Lube and Cloudburn were complete facemelters. In this new EP, the main song "To the Stars" is siiiick. Filthy synth line that doesn't get boring. Strange Behavior is a dubstep track, it was good, but not a banger. Pink Lady Is pretty good, but the BPM is odd. Dropping it into ableton, the BPM reads 110. I think the song would have sounded better at the usual 130bpm, or if it was brought down to 70 for a dubstep tune. "Chain Smoker" is ok. I got bored of it about half way through.

    So out of the 4, only one was really worth buying.

    Merely my opinion, maybe you can share yours?
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    didn't care for the earlier releases, have no interest in checking out the new one.

    i much prefer his drum&bass work as spor, the feed me stuff is kind of cheesy..

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    Woah. Never knew he went by another alias. 0.0

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    heh - his Feed Me stuff is more recent... he's been doing dnb stuff as Spor for years.

    Me, I like both

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    Like the OP, I loved the his earlier album, but was disappointed with this one. I actually didn't like any of the tunes, but will probably buy the main track just so I can say I have it.
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    Really liking "Strange Behaviour" (its not possible for him to collab with Tasha Baxter and not make a good track... "Overdue" is one of my all time favorites). "Pink Lady" is pretty solid as well. Not feeling the other two tracks much, "To The Stars" is pretty much a token banger that he's already made 5 or 10 times, and "Chain Smoker" a kind of confused tech-electro mess tbh.

    I will say that his sound is getting a bit tired... I really liked most of his work as Spor and the early remixes as Feed Me (not so pretty, don't mess, knights of cydonia, etc), but his tracks lately are kinda lacking variety.

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