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    Looking to roll with a more robust Truss setup for my lights (I currently have a pretty basic 2-bar, 10 foot truss). Something a bit larger, perhaps 15 feet wide, with cranks, and at least 3 bars.

    Given that I'm not the richest man alive... anyone have any suggestions? Digging through the almighty Google just delivers a ton of confused rants and poor reviews. None of the major dealers seem to carry anything decent, and even Craigslist is pretty silent on it in my area.

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    Mate of mine has a setup that works. Not sure how much he paid for it, but it fits into a van with everything else...

    2 x Winch-Up stands
    2 x 1.5m Box Truss

    Box truss or tri-truss is the hey to having more load capacity.
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