Mapping Denon DN MC6000 to Serato SSL
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    Default Mapping Denon DN MC6000 to Serato SSL

    I am looking for a good midi map of the Denon DN MC6000 to Serato Scratch Live. I received an XML file called 'Fernando MC6000,' but only about a third of the controller is mapped with that profile. Does anyone out there have a good midi map for this unit to SSL?

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    Hate to bring up an older thread. . .

    but since you have the XML to allow the MC6000 work with SSL, why not map your own. . .Keep it on internal so you can have platter control and you can control everything else since the 6000 is simply a midi controller.

    However, you may have to use ONLY 2 decks. . .the Denon has 4 deck controls, but you can hook up 2 TT's to it and do everything internally through an S4 box.

    Should be easier for you, and you can adjust everything to you own liking. . .

    Sorry if this got to you late tho!
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    get me the controller and ill map it
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