Electro/House/Dubstep mixes, would like some feedback :)
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    Default Electro/House/Dubstep mixes, would like some feedback :)


    my most recent work:

    and my last dubstep mix:

    a little DnB/Dub mix

    there are plenty more on my page, this is just my latest stuff. id like some feedback on these. they are pre-S4 mixes. my S4 should be here in a few days so we can compare before and after.

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    Good stuff... but! Some of the songs are clipping and probably need to fix levels on your tracks.

    Could also be SC.. I know the tenminmix I uploaded sounds weird from their compression..

    Keep it up!

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    thanks bro, it might be soundcloud cuz the orig files sound pretty good. there are only a few songs that arent good quality. ill look into it tho

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