Hi There,

Here a newbie from holland

I recently bought a 2nd hand VCI 100. It is the black version and it's rebuild to the Djtechtools SE version. With, i think, firmware 1.3.

I use the VCI 100 in combination with a Numark IO external USB sound card and Macbook 1,8ghz, 1gb.

I'm allready used to using Traktor 3.4 with Final Scratch, but i only used to use the basic things, no effects etc. So there is a new world opening up for me now!

I've got some minor problems wich i hope can be solved with your help here.
here they are:

1: I want to set my Loop end to 1/2 in Traktor to create the drumroll effect, but can't get it done on the Mac (als a new mac user here). Right mouse button doesn't seem to do the job?

2: I can't get the right settings in Traktor to pre-listen my tracks on the headphone using the Numark IO. I only get the sound of the master channel on it?

3: I get a cracking noise sometimes when i use the effects. I also hear this by headphone, so it can't be my audio system?

That's it for now, but i'll probably find more issues in the next weeks.

Hope you can help me further.