My Numark Mixtrack Cueing Issue/Question
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    Default My Numark Mixtrack Cueing Issue/Question

    Hey guys, this is my 1st post, hopefully somebody can help me out.

    I recently picked up a Numark Mixtrack. However, I'm having issues with cueing. I also produce, so I picked up a M-Audio Audiophile 192. I didn't want to get the MT Pro since I was planning on getting the AP192. This is how I got it setup.

    I bought 2x " to rca cables to go from Analog Out to my stereo/receiver. I also purchased the stereo breakout cable to go from the S/PDIF out and plug in my headphones in the splitter.

    Problem is if I'm playing something on Deck A, I hear it in both ears, and when I cue Deck B, the same thing happens. How can I properly split this signal?

    I'm using ASIO drivers in both Virtual DJ and Traktor Pro 2, both giving me the same problems. I'd like to keep the ASIO setup without having to buy new hardware (Numark DJ I/O for example, might as well have gotten the Mixtrack Pro).

    Thank you.

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    Have you tried changing the cue mix?
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    It can depend on a number of things like your drivers and then the internal mixer set up. You can route your monitoring audio to the heaphones and your master output to your speakers, regardless of your sound cards. It all depends on how are you choosing to route the audio.

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