Ok so i have an old Macbook Pro (the all silver one) and ivee been looking at getting a solid state drive to increase my computers performance and make my mixing/plug-ins run smoother/faster. Ive also been looking at the UAD-2 Satellites and they look like an excellent choice too. Price doesn't really concern me too much since i know this is going to be a business investment that will benefit me. So the question is, which one would be a better choice for a travelling producer/performer?

The way i see it, the solid state drive brings a lot of stability and has a far less chance of screwing up, but will it give me the DAW performance i require for my mass of plug-ins?

The UAD-2 seems like a solid choice for getting my tracks out fast and sounding amazing, but still have the old HD which could crash and isnt as reliable as the SSD.

Does anyone have experience with either or has both?

Thanks ya'll