Start Time - Track
00:00 - Leav
02:45 - Leak
05:57 - Trient
08:43 - Whithr
10:54 - Stalke
14:50 -Furow
17:53 - Brancht
21:31 - Biome
24:44 - Chlorl
28:30 - Petl

I've also posted YouTube videos of the set being performed live, along with comments describing what I'm doing as I perform it:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Also, for those of you with an Elektron Machinedrum or Monomachine (or people who just like really short samples), you can download the sysex and samples used in this set (included the songs I didn't include in this performance), along with details on how to install them:

Hope you enjoy!