Music with the actual singing only? How people get it?
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    Default Music with the actual singing only? How people get it?

    I notice all the time when people beatmatch they often use a track with no lyrics but has a beat and like the actual portion of singing in another song. For example, if you listen to the song Cinema ft. Gary go (DJ Mazza Dub Mix), its just like the singing part of cinema when it says "cinema" and "i can watch you forever" without the actual background music. I know this might sound a bit confusing but I was wondering where they get these songs/samples that only have the actual singing part and not the background music.

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    You can get acapella versions of songs, and clips of acapella lyrics, at a number of sites. They're usually listed under DJ Tools or something similar, and there are really good quality ones at beatport and on Trackitdown, as well as a number of other sites.

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    what he said. Just search for the song title +'acapella'.
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