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    Default Shoutcast + Ableton

    Hi Guys, I want to start a internet radio show with my friends.
    I currentyl have ableton live 8, winamp and shoutcast installed on a pc Win7
    I have an m audio fast track pro soundcard.
    I want to run ableton with maybe 2 decks for songs, 1 deck for diferent sound and 2 more decks for microphones.

    I'm having problems when I try to send my output from ableton to shoutcast. I just can't get it done. When i use winamp only i'm able to stream perfectly however when I try to this with ableton no sound seems to be coming into shoutcast.

    Does anyone know how to solve this problem!!

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    run a loopback. click ur volume control, go to options, click recording. mic should be selected, change it to stereo mix or something. your recording output will become what you hear..use the broadcaster in winamp to play your recording input.

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