Downloading Traktor Scratch 2
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    Default Downloading Traktor Scratch 2

    So I'm in the process of upgrading to Traktor Scratch 2 from Traktor Scratch. Can anyone tell me why when I buy the upgrade from NI's site does it download 2.0.1 instead of the latest version 2.0.2? Also 2.0.2 doesn't show up in the Service Center. I had to go to the site and hit the support section. STOOPID.
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    I think its because the TSP 2.0.1 download (which I also upgraded to, from TSP and a separate install from the S4 version) is a full installation, while the 2.0.2 is simply a patch utility. I don't think they ever released a full-install of v2.0.2.
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