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    Hey DJTT,

    I need some help I'm DJing a wedding reception (yeah not my cup of tea but $ in my pocket) and I want to make sure I'm prepared for their set up. So they have 2 JBL Powered 15" PA speakers, with no mixer or amp, but they both have inputs and outputs on them.

    But I was told they only have XLR inputs and outputs. I'm planning on using my Novation Nio soundcard to plug in. I guess my question is how do I connect to both speakers? Go RCA>XLR in one then output XLR>XLR to the other one? Or split the input and go left to left input and right to right input?

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    Since Rcas are unbalanced I'd recommend using the Trs Outputs on your soundcard(if it has some)with Trs > Xlr cables.

    As for the second question I'd say just split and go to each speakers separately

    Hope that helps
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    I think going stereo will get you better sound... also you can always pickup a fairly low price mixer like the Numark M6 USB http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com...xer?sku=486144

    That mixer has XRL outputs as well as RCA outputs, that can save you a lot of problems...and for $150 is not a bad investment for the wedding....I've used this mixer in a local club and it does a fair job.

    Also make sure you test the speakers and your set up way before the wedding so at least you can buy the necessary cables and other things that you might need. Get ready for requests and to play the YMCA song.

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    Run through a mixer rather than straight from your soundcard. Just hire a small one from your local PA company for the weekend.
    You are charging enough to hire a mixer, right?
    Might as well grab some xlr cables from them as well.

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