2nd hdd in HP Envy
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    Default 2nd hdd in HP Envy 14

    I recently picked up an hp envy 14for school and djing, but It only came with a 750 gb, 5400 rpm hard drive and I want more space for music and samples.

    Just like a mbp, I found out that you can replace the optical drive with a second hdd or ssd with this caddy:


    This forum confirms it is possible with this caddy, you just have to remove the front plastic bit:


    By the way, if you want to add a hdd or an ssd to boot off of, the hp envy CANNOT boot off of the replacement's hdd or ssd. It is advised to install the OS onto the drive in the original bay with the optical drive, then replace the optical drive with the other hdd.

    I'm planning on putting in a 7200 rpm drive (ssd is still too expensive for me) in the original hdd bay and putting the original drive in the new bay. Just thought i'd share with my favorite forum ever

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    in my experience. anything slower than 7200rpm is a HUGE issue with Traktor. Good job with the upgrade.

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