Numark Ns7 vs. Timecode serato scratch live.
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    Default Numark Ns7 vs. Timecode serato scratch live.

    I have had my ns7 for about a year now and its still in very good condition. I am concidering selling it to get two turntables a rane mixer, novation dicers and an apc20 or launchpad to use with the bridge. The main reasons why i want to sell my ns7 is because i dont like the small platters and the fact that i cant make my own mappings for things.
    What do you guys sugest. I mainly mix electro but i also love to scratch. Is there really much of a difference between the 7in platters on the ns7 and regular 12in turntables? Would it be smarter to stick with my ns7 and save all that money because i realise that other than the small platters, the ns7 pretty much does everything a dvs setup can do.
    The other option might be to get a Trakor s4 with timecode, but the crossfader cant be replaced!

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    What do you want the SSL set up to do that your NS7 can't do?

    Is it just the feel of scratching and being able to pull off scratches you can't on the smaller platters? If it's just for a handful of scratches and your not a battle DJ I would not switch.

    I would also wait a few months until Itch 2.0 comes out and see if it does the things SSL can do.
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    crossfader on the S4 can be replaced by an innofader IIRC.

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    it all comes down to how mobile you want to be with ur dj equipment.

    you can move around very easily with just ur ns7, but then on the other hand, if u get invited to dj at clubs and u need to use the club equipment, using an ns7 might be a challenge.

    the turntable setup on the other hand is a very nice setup according the industry standard. if you do get invited to dja t a club, you can just take ur laptop, dicers, launchpad, control vinyls and needles and ur good to go. But it is not the best mobile setup since there are so many aspects of it.

    so its ur call, mobility vs. industry standard.
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    Honestly, I thought about that a lot as well. And in having dealt with ITCH vs SSL, I have to say, SSL just feels smoother to me. Itch is always going to be being SSL in terms of features, at least for the next while, and that's something to consider as well. Turntables are pretty beastly to lug around, but the NS7 isn't that much better besides not having to lug a lot of vinyl around. And getting the NS7 in the booth at a club? Good luck.

    I see it as something that's great to have at home and practice with (the NS7), but mainly if you feel comfortable and able to take yourself into the club and use the equipment that is given there. If you feel that switching over to TT's and SSL is going to be that ticket for you, then I don't see why not.

    Really though, just do what you feel you will be the most happy with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Black Hat View Post
    The other option might be to get a Trakor s4 with timecode, but the crossfader cant be replaced!
    Perhaps it's just a little bit of gear envy? You want to add something new to your setup, and the NS7 is getting old? I notice you didn't say there was anything wrong with it...
    The S4 would be a step backwards in my opinion. Don't do it. The jogwheels are tiny and not really for scratching. The NS7 might have a better fader too.

    The setup you have now was designed to be BETTER than turntables and a mixer. I kinda think it is, what would TT do that the NS7 can't? (nothing)

    As far as ITCH, they do have a new version on the way that looks a lot like SSL, should be out this year. (Was supposed to be out in April)

    In short, just be happy with what you have. The industry thrives on making you want the next thing, the newest bit of hardware, the upgraded this or that. Just stick with a setup that works and get good with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Nada View Post
    Perhaps it's just a little bit of gear envy?
    Ya i think you are right. From what i can tell i wouldent be gaining anything by getting some TT's. So i probably will stick with my ns7. I looked into the s4 more and i think with a new crossfader and a TT it would be better, but i dont really need all that. Ill probably just wait for ITCH 2.0.

    Thanks for the advice everyone, i was just about ready to waste my money on another thing i dont need.

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