Maschine for Traktor Pro 2 (4 deck mapping)
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    Default Maschine for Traktor Pro 2 (4 deck mapping)

    Hello DJTT,
    I have recently decided to take on a pretty big project of mapping Maschine to as many functions as I can within TP2. Each heading in the following overview will correspond to that area on Maschine. I haven't yet finished, but when I do I will post this mapping as well as the .ncm file and my personal Traktor settings file. I also apologize for the great wall of text

    PADS: If you look at the attached picture, the 16 pads will control most of the transport functions, the looping functions, and cue points. Pads 1 - 8 will set and store cue points 1 - 8. Pad 9 will set the track on that deck as the master track. Pads 10 - 12 will control looping; pad 11 will set the loop to whatever value is selected, pad 10 will decrease the loop length, and pad 12 will increase it. Pad 13 will activate the sync function. Pad 14 is the cue button to cue up the track. Pad 15 is play/pause. Pad 16 activates the headphone cue to cue the track up in your headphones. if you look to the left of the 16 pads, you see 8 buttons that control various functions in the Maschine software. These have been remapped to control the volume of the decks in Traktor. the Scene and Pattern buttons will raise and lower deck A's volume by 6.25% or 1/16 (in other words, you must push the button 16 times to get from one end to the other). this may sound impractical, but without a mixer, this will do. This would ideally be used with a mixer obviously, but if you only had Maschine, it would do in a pinch. As i was saying, Scene and Pattern control deck A's volume, Pad Mode and Navigate control deck B's volume, Duplicate and Select control deck C's volume, and Solo and Mute control deck D's volume. They have been mapped in groups of 2. If you look just to the left of Scene, you see the Note Repeat button. This button acts as a shift button (because the actual shift button cannot be mapped). There are 3 shift buttons, so i will refer to the Note Repeat button as Shift 1. when you press Shift 1, a few of the pads have different functions. Firstly, pressing pads 1 - 8 will delete the cue point stored in it. (there will be messages being sent back to Maschine telling it what buttons have cue points stored on them.) Pads 9 - 12 have no purpose right now when using the Shift 1 button. Pads 13 and 14 will act as a pitch bend. Pads 15 and 16 will allow you to seek through the track quickly, each press moving you 1/16 of the way backward (15) or forward (16) through the track. The buttons to the left of the 16 pads will still control their respective decks' volumes, but in a different way. For example. pressing Scene when Shift 1 is activated will put deck A's volume at 100%, and pressing Pattern will mute the deck, putting it's volume at 0%.

    TRANSPORT: The "transport" section of Maschine will contain the browse controls (other than switching the layout to the browser) and loading controls. The Rec button will scroll up in the list one by one, and Erase will scroll down. Restart will load the selected track to deck A, the left arrow will load to deck B, the right arrow to deck C, and Grid to deck D. Pressing Shift 1 will allow you to scroll quickly, page by page, through your tracks. pressing Play, or Shift 2, will allow you to browse up and down through the tree so that you can select a playlist or folder to load tracks from. To expand a folder, press restart but only while Shift 2 is activated.

    GROUPS: This area does nothing but change the deck which the 16 pads are controlling. Buttons A - D correspond with decks A - D, but buttons E - F allow for your own customization, so you could potentially control decks A - D, but then switch to Group E, and have a Midifighter-style mapping of the 16 pads. these four groups/64 pads are open to customization. I hope to personally map one of them to be like a Midifighter.

    MASTER: This area will control the master volume with the Volume knob and the crossfader with the Tempo knob. I have not thought of what to map the Swing knob to yet, if anything at all.

    MISC: At the top of Maschine to the left are 8 buttons that control various functions in Maschine. The only two that have been mapped are the Browse button (to change the layout to the browser) and the Auto Write button (as a Shift 3 button). buttons 1 - 8 at the top will control Effects. This area is fairly self-explanatory, but i'll explain it just in case. Button 1 will turn FX unit 1 on for deck A. Button 5 will turn FX unit 2 on for deck B. if you push the right arrow on the left side of the screens, it will change the FX units to FX units 3 and 4. again, button 1 will turn FX unit 3 on for deck C, and button 5 will turn FX unit 4 on for deck D. buttons 2 - 4 and 6 - 8 will turn an effect on, and the knob under it will control that parameter. knobs 1 and 5 will control the Dry/Wet of that effect group. Next, pushing Shift 1 will allow the 6 parameter knobs to select the effect they will be controlling. Pushing Shift 3 will turn the 8 knobs and buttons into EQ knobs/kills and filters. Knobs 1 and 5 on the knob page 1 will control deck A and B's filter, while knobs 2 - 4 and 6 - 8 will control the lows, mids and highs. On the second page, they will control the EQs and filters of decks C and D.

    As you can see, this is a huge mapping, and I only have parts of it done. I believe this covers everything required for basic mixing with effects and beat juggling, but correct me if I am wrong. I will post all the files at a later date, hopefully about a week or so from now, but no promises. Until then, practice and enjoy!

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    Picked up my maschine today...will be a good mapping when I want to pack really light for house parties.


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    You know how I said a week? yeah, make that like a day the duplicate button helps a lot, even if mapping in TP2 is a pain in the a**.

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    Thought I'd get it up tonight. Potential quirks/problems:
    First, I found that it was a bit complicated to remember where you are if you aren't paying very close attention. be careful that you don't turn a knob or press a button while you have a shift button activated, as it will probably do something you do not want it to!
    Second, when you have the Shift 3 button activated, and you try to do anything else with the 8 knobs besides EQs, they will only do EQs and nothing else, so if you want to mess with a parameter of an effect, you must make sure the Shift 3 button is not activated.
    That's all I've found so far. As I've said, this should probably be used alongside a mixer. Please tell me if you find any other problems with the mapping. And make sure you use my Template with this mapping, as the notes have been edited so that there are no overlaps!

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    thanks heaps ,
    been looking for a great map,

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    I found a bug a while ago, but thanks for remind me about this post. Attached is both the .tsi and the .ncm files. If I remember correctly though, I think I have been having trouble with it not responding, but I haven't used my Machine in a while, so i'm not 100% sure.
    I also had the idea of making the first 4 pages (A through D) for control of the 4 decks, then the second 4 pages (E through H) for controlling the machine midifighter mapping. I don't know if it's possible, but if it is, that's my next project!

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    Just to let people know about my all in one internal Maschine Mapping updated for Traktor Pro 2.1.2 -

    OR Maschine as a simple effects mashup unit:

    guitarguitar digital - #notjustguitars
    ** SUPER S5 ** Midi Map for Traktor S5 users - Coming Soon!!! - CLICK HERE

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    Thumbs up very nice

    wow.....i swear if i didnt have adhd i would totally snap to it....i see exactly where you are going but i cant follow....the info is too large to process suddenly like that but i thank you for "this" i will study it over and over ,as i just cant seem to give up no matter how much i suck, until i get it right!! thank you!!

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