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    Hi everyone i just sold both of my cdj-1000s to buy one cdj-2000, Im loving it so far, I may put traktor up for awhile and start using cdjs again(except for the gigs that dont have cdj2000s) My question is to cdj2000 owners I notice the tension adjustment knob kinda rattles around a bit(kinda not tight fitted) Is this normal? Wanna make sure so i can return it if need be.

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    when I used them at a club, I never noticed them rattle, but then again I didn't really play too much with the tension. I just touched it then set them to go. Can you go try out a different set at guitar center or something?

    BTW Im super jealous you have a set! I want a set sooooo bad... but I think all I'll be able to afford at some point are some 900s...

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