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    G'day DJTT brief question. im playing my first gig (my girlfriends 18th) and im wondering if i would structure my performance like i would if i was playing towards a club environment or should i be alot more relaxed. what i mean by this is should i just chuck in as many requests as possible or should i really try keep structure of my set because i know i wont be playing one genre for more than 15 minutes. if you understand where i'm coming from any help would be sweet! thanks guys.
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    Totally depends on the audience and the venue.

    The venue sets the expectation - people in a bar expect a certain style of music, in a club they expect a different one, in a festival they expect another one.

    The audience will react to what you play. Respond to it. If you clear the floor with a track (and it happens to the best of us sometimes) change it up, try a different tempo/style or play 'em something they know, or at least that's based on something they know.

    Good luck
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