Help needed with Serato Itch and allen&heath xone dx
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    Default Help needed with Serato Itch and allen&heath xone dx

    Hi Guys,

    Hope this is in the right section.

    Ive been Djing for around 15 years, starting on vinyl, then went onto a set of cd decks (denon DNS-350) and have now gone over to serato itch on a Imac with a allen&heath xone xd controller!

    Ive never touched on digital djing in my life before!

    Here's the problem.........

    I have around 500 cd's (most ive made myself), when using the cd decks, it would always display the ID3 tag on the screen.

    When trying to rip them to my mac it just displays "track1, Track 2, Track 3" ect.

    Im trying to avoid using itunes as im not a massive fan and i really want to keep my djing music separate to my personal music (which i listen to on my ipod)

    Any ideas on how to do this, i.e which ripping software to use, Any good ID3 tagging/Finding software available and just a bit of a insight to the world of digital djing!?

    Thanks guys, ive been trying for a few days and im getting know where!

    I apreciate your help!


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    You can create a new iTunes library just for DJ'ing and choose to open that one when you want to work on your DJ collection. Then you can tell Itch to use that library for DJ'ing

    If you really want something different try Songbird. I've never used it, but it looks good.
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    For loading tracks into Itch, I use Scratchtools. Yes i know it was originally designed for Scratch Live. (I was an SSL user)

    But i find it easy to load track into Itch using this method, it's not easy as it's command line driven. (But works on Mac's & PC's)

    I love my DX, still fingers crossed for Itch 2.0 hopefully soon!!

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