Help! Problems Recording w/ TP2 and VCI 100 MKII
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    Default Help! Problems Recording w/ TP2 and VCI 100 MKII

    Hey guys,

    After searching the forum I couldn't find any solutions that worked specifically for me. I was hoping you could help:

    I currently have my Traktor set up to an external mixer "Vestax VCI-100 MKII" and am attempting to record. After recording some transitions I went to play back the file, however, there is no audio on the wave recordings. The files are essentially empty, however, still 10mb in size (Yes my volume on my speakers is on haha).

    I am hoping you guys can tell me what my setting should look like for a successful record.

    My current external mixer is plugged into my laptop via USB and also some external PC speakers on MASTER OUTPUT 2.

    Below are some links to the Traktor Pro 2 Scratch Pro audio setting that I currently have. Before you all say "your output record is blank" I have tried setting it 1,2,3 &4 and did not have any success so i just left it blank for you.

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