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    Default dubstep is dead mix

    Listen: http://dubstepisdead.com/
    Download: http://bitly.com/dubstepisdead

    A mix of a few styles of "dubstep", grime, and what's to come. Read way below for an explanation of the title.

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    1. Wiley - Don't Hide Away
    2. Terror Danjah - Power Grid
    3. Dore - Psychedelic Bagpipes
    4. Starkey - Gasping For Air In This Vortex
    5. Rustie - Tempered
    6. Ashburner - Next Hype
    7. Terror Danjah - 808
    8. Starkey - 11th Hour
    9. Mt Kimbie - Maybes (James Blake remix)
    10. L-OW - Pinpoint
    11. Distal - Tortelis Slave
    12. Distal - Serengeti
    13. Sully - Savior
    14. X-Zero - Abyss
    15. XI - Drip
    16. Truth - Don't Explain
    17. Futek - The Deep Note
    18. Die, Interface, William Cartwright - Bright Lights (Joker remix)
    19. Mimosa - Dead Like Me
    20. Tom Encore - Hints
    21. Sines - Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
    22. Lazer Sword - Batman
    23. Vex'd - Crusher Dub

    "Dubstep is dead."

    I really could not think of a more ridiculous yet true statement to pronounce. At a time where the genre’s style is oozing into just about every facet of commercial music, it’s undeniable influence is permeating the ears of the unknowing, yet there is debate as to the future, and current state, of the most interesting and revolutionary genre in dance music since jungle.

    Not that long ago, the “dub” element of dubstep was prominent; echos and delays paid tribute to the old days of blowing marijuana smoke into a microphone, getting the music high and, by proxy, the listener. Enjoying the space in between sounds, the effects and vibes that dub lovers lusted were eventually found in most forms of electronic music, and the DJ/sound system culture provided the template for selectors to come.

    Nowadays, anything that is at or near 140 BPM and has sub bass is considered to be “dubstep” and rarely utilizes the same use of space, bass and place. Where snares and voices would echo and reverb, distorted synths stab, and heavy drums pound, leaving barely any room for the listener to think. This is, I believe, a reflection of our times. Immersed in over-stimulation from the various forms of media that used to entertain us and now imprison us, we are subjected to a barrage of frequencies that confuse and numb us. The only escape, for some of us, is music, and I believe that this is what holds us all together, as an international community and as friends, and regardless of the sounds being played, the sound will continue to grow, evolve and piss off more people that “just don’t like it” or get it. Until a few months pass, and they too, will go from hater, to supporter, to attempting to capitalize on it.

    This is mix is by no means the headstone on the tomb of our beloved dubstep music, but I chose the tracks that were used for very particular reasons – I want people to understand, embrace and love the different strands of music that have stemmed from dubstep, and to understand that it is simply a permutation of bass music.

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    I listened to your mix twice, both times while playing EA Skate 3. It was good for my skate flow. I listened on the Klipschs with the sub turned on. Here's my feedback.

    - In general good mixing levelswise and track selection wise. I think there might have been one or two slightly rough harmonic mixes. I also felt that your phrasing was slightly off about 4 or 5 times over the course of the whole hour. Pretty darn good.

    - I really appreciated your track selection and how it was a showcase of various forms of dubstep and grime and bass music. I found some tracks and artists in the middle who were new to me and whose music I liked (x-zero,x-i,truth) as well as some I had heard before (Vex'd, always quality..). There were few tracks I didn't like, and even those were ok.

    - I liked the paragraph you wrote, and I do think that you definitely made a mix that showed where the "dub" aspect in "dub"step comes from. But I thought it was a little wordy, honestly. Punch up the summary or most people will give it the tl;dr treatment.

    - Thanks for the download link! I will likely download this for road trips and etc!

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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