I made an electro house track
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    Default I made an electro house track

    and here it is


    I've only been producing 5 or 6 months, so any comments or random internet love/hate would be appreciated


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    feedback left broski!

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    Sounds pretty good dude!

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    Great song, I see massive potential. The drums needs abit more work such as the kick and snares. [EQing unwanted frequencies etc]. Try and use sample loops from packs. chop em up and effect em. Gonna see much more groove in your song.

    For your drop, add a sidechained whitenoise. It makes it louder and bigger, also the part before the drop, extend it abit and try making it 'hold' much longer, therefore everyone will be like whistling and shouting and then the drop. BAM. Transi

    Overall good song, just needs some more work for the drums and samples. Good vocals aswell for a beginner!

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    thanks for the advice peoples

    I had a feeling I wasn't EQing properly because I wasn't really EQing at all, yet in all the videos of the pro producers making tracks they EQ everything. so I think that'll be the first thing I get sorted.

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